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ACEO challenge

ACEO #1.

Here we go, the challenge started today. Make sure to post your ACEOs to my Facebook page. If anything, it's free advertizing!


Tabby 104 - ACEO (2.4x3.5") - Colored Pencils - SOLD


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30 Paintings in 30 days

~ Paintings #21, #22, and #23 ~

I hadn't done any ACEO animals in a while, so here are a few:



Tabby 103 - ACEO (2.5x2.5") - Colored Pencils - SOLD


Bunny 129 - ACEO (2.5x2.5") - Colored Pencils - SOLD


Bunny 130 - ACEO (2.5x2.5") - Colored Pencils - SOLD


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Work in progress - Tabby 102

From a great pricture provided by photographer Nicke Reeves Payne.

A big thank you, Nicke, for your adorable picture of Bobo.

I always start with a line drawing, using a white pencil. A regular graphite pencil won't show very well on black paper.

Once the line drawing is done, I add all the highlights, and lightest areas, still with a white pencil. It's kind of like drawing a black and white picture of the subject, but in reverse since I'm using black paper.
I think this is the hardest part of the process because I have to make sure I put everything in its place, that the proportions are correct, and the right details are in the right spots. It takes a lot of effort and observation.
I usually take a little break after this step.



Once my eyes are working properly again, I start adding some colors. This time, I use the darkest colors first to work on the shadows. I go over the whole picture and add all the colors everywhere.
Once this is done, I go over each area carefully, working on the highlights again, making sure there's a nice contrast between the light and the shadows.

Working on black paper can be difficult, as not all the colors stand out well. I have to make sure I use many layers. To do so, each layer has to be applied very lightly, using a very sharp pencil tip, or the surface of the paper will be saturated too fast, and I won't be able to add any more colors. I go through pencils and sharpeners very fast. I keep a stock of new sharpeners, and I've go a bunch of white pencils.


Here's our cute Bobo, all finished, happily sleeping on his chair:


Tabby 102 - 8x10" - SOLD

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