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Alligator Bay

In memory of the bunnies.

This summer I visited a place called Alligator Bay. It was a fun kind of zoo with a reptile house, a bunch of turtles, and best of all, the alligator house with tons of crocodiles and alligators.

I started with the alligator house of course, and it took a while to adjust to the hot and humid climate inside. I especially enjoyed the albino aligators. Not something you see very often. I read that crocodiles and alligators usually live in climates where the temperature is close to the one of their bodies, and since their primary way of surviving is not moving at all, they barely spend any calories. So these impressive creatures don't need to eat everyday.

Before I left the alligators, I saw that feeding time was coming up. So I had time to check out the turtles in the meantime. There were all kinds and sizes. Some putting on a show for us, but I won't get into any details...
In some of the turtle enclosures I noticed a few bunnies munching on the overgrown grass. They were so adorable. I just wondered what they were doing there. But I thought it was a nice addition, and all the kids loved them. It sure was a different sight after seeing the big monster crocodiles a few minutes earlier.

Time to get back and see the alligators and crocodiles getting fed. As their keeper approched the Nile Crocodiles, he pushed a cart full of food. When he got closer to me, I could see what was on the menu. Any guesses? Dead chickens and dead... bunnies. The experience was pretty neat in spite of the poor bloody victims.

And then I realized why all those bunnies hoping in the turtle enclosures...

This was one of them:


 Bunny 127 - ACEO (2.5"x 3.5")
 for sale



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