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Art Supplies Subscription Boxes

At the end of last year, I unsubscribed from the Smile Create Repeat box because I thought that it wasn't very cost efficient. The amount of the content often fell 10$ short and so I stopped receiving those boxes. However, I still receive the Art Snacks boxes as wells as the ones from Scrawlrbox. You get a lot of nice supplies for your $$$. I really like them, and they keep on challenging me every month. It's such a nice way to discover new supplies and get out of my rut.

The challenge each time is to draw something with only the content of the box. The Scrawlrbox even gives a theme.


Art Snacks challenges:


Scrawlrbox challenges:


Smile Create Repeat challenges:





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Art subscription boxes

Along with the Art Snacks box, I decided to sign up for the Scrawlr Box as well as the Smile Create Repeat box. The Scrawlr Box is based out of the UK, but the other two are in the US. I love Art Snacks and Scrawlr Box. Smile Create Repeat is getting better in quality, but the value remains poor and I usually pay more than what's in the box. I will give it a few more tries, and if the value doesn't improve, I will most likely end my subscription.
I've been having a blast trying to create something with the limited supplies from each box.

Smile Create Repeat - June 2016


Smile Create Repeat - July 2016


ScrawlrBox - May 2016


ScrawlrBox - June 2016


Art Snacks - July 2016


Art Snacks - June 2016



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