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Ampersand inks and claybord

Playing around, trying to see how they work together, I turned some Ampersand claybord into scratchbord and created this little egret:

Egret - 1 1/4 x 2.5 x 1/8" - Scratchboard - SOLD



And here's how it was done:


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Colored Pencil Challenge

Here's another entry for the Colored Pencil Magazine challenge.


1929 Cord - 9x14" - Colored pencils - SOLD


And here's the video of how I did it:


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I've been meaning to try scratchboard for a long time now. I keep on drooling over my talented friend Ann Ranlett's wonderful work, and decided it was time to give it a shot. I've been doing a lot of research about tools, surfaces, techniques, watching videos, trying out different strokes... So basically there's been quite a lot of scratching involved in my life in the last month or so since I started. So much so that whenever I drive over a brand new resurfaced road, I have a bad urge to scratch something on it!
I did a few pieces on scratch paper to get used to it, but I'm now ready for the real stuff: Ampersand Scratchbord. Stay tunned for more scratchbord work. This is what I've done so far:

Tiger 56 - ACEO (3.5x3.5") - SOLD

Chat Noir 200 - 5x7" - SOLD

Wolf 8 - A5 - SOLD

Cat 28 - A5 - SOLD

Horse 11 - A5 - SOLD



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Art subscription boxes

Along with the Art Snacks box, I decided to sign up for the Scrawlr Box as well as the Smile Create Repeat box. The Scrawlr Box is based out of the UK, but the other two are in the US. I love Art Snacks and Scrawlr Box. Smile Create Repeat is getting better in quality, but the value remains poor and I usually pay more than what's in the box. I will give it a few more tries, and if the value doesn't improve, I will most likely end my subscription.
I've been having a blast trying to create something with the limited supplies from each box.

Smile Create Repeat - June 2016


Smile Create Repeat - July 2016


ScrawlrBox - May 2016


ScrawlrBox - June 2016


Art Snacks - July 2016


Art Snacks - June 2016



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I added lots of new videos. You can view them in the video section, or go and subscribe to my YouTube Channel.
Here's one of them:

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